Our partnerships.

Our firm is the partner of many clusters, associations and incubators.

Startup gas pedal
Association of leaders
Competitiveness cluster
Regional Incubator
Regional Incubator
Startup gas pedal
Regional Incubator
Regional Agency
Startup gas pedal
Competitiveness cluster
Industrial Property Attorneys
Training for in-house lawyers

Our correspondents abroad.

We have a network of foreign correspondents to assist you in your international operations.

Correspondant Américain
Valérie Demont
Correspondant Italien
Lionel Cividino
Correspondant Marocain
Malika Talab
Correspondant Allemand
Mélanie Clerc Dugas du Villard
Correspondant Grec
Andreas Yiannitsis
Correspondant Portugais
Ana Viegas Correia
Correspondant Algérien
Amine Mebarki
Correspondant Hongrois
Bela Deri
Correspondant Suisse
Alain Touron
Correspondant Mauricien
Jimmy Hoareau
Correspondant Belge
Isabelle Lemineur
Correspondant Américain
Don Mendel
Correspondant Australien
Frédéric Venière
Correspondant Anglais
Andrew Cooke
Correspondant Espagnol
Stefan Rating
Correspondant Roumain
Alina Serban
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