International law

Setting up abroad and cooperating internationally is not something you can improvise.

We will assist you in defining your international development strategy, as well as in negotiation and signing of your international contracts.

We work and negotiate directly in English⁣⁣ with the possibility of being integrated, as a business partner, in your project teams.

But knowledge of local law and practice requires local expertise.

This is why, beyond our 40 years of international experience, we have built a network of correspondents⁣⁣ with whom we collaborate in order to take in hand the creation of your subsidiary, the recruitment of your first employees and your offshore operations.

Our added value ⁣⁣is to be able to explain to our foreign colleagues who you are, what your constraints are and what your objectives are, and above all to include the approach in the strategy that we will have studied together.

Afterwards, we will advise you on your intra-group transactions.

We will accompany in the same way foreign investors⁣⁣⁣ who wish to set up in France.

Nous vous accompagnerons pour la définition de votre stratégie de développement à l’international, ainsi que pour la négociation et la signature de vos contrats internationaux.
droit international

Our firm is now an approved operator by the Business France agency to benefit from the Chèque Relance Export.

More information on how to benefit here:⁣⁣⁣⁣ CRE article: 

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