Corporate law

We assist you in⁣⁣ all aspects of your company’s social life,⁣⁣ always seeking the most effective, safest and least expensive solution.

Keeping it simple is the best advice we can give because practice has taught us that the more complex the solution, the less it works.

Our skills

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Most managers will only buy or sell a business once or twice in their working lives. Hence the importance of using a team of seasoned experts for these high-risk operations.

We have carried out several hundred transactions for both ⁣⁣SMEs and listed groups, both in France and abroad.

So we know how to conduct them and at what pace to turn a strategic project into a success.

Avocats à Clermont-Ferrand Adenot Andrieux Resche Garaude Avocats à Clermont-Ferrand


Our firm is very much oriented towards innovation, most of which is financed by own funds. Over the past 35 years, we have seen the profession of equity investor become more professional and standardised.

Having accompanied hundreds of fundraising events on both sides of the fence, we know the rules and limits perfectly.

This is why our expertise in⁣⁣ Financial engineering guarantees the success⁣⁣ of ⁣⁣your fundraising

Advice on company law and contract law
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